Air Bag - Inflatable Packaging

New cushioning packaging material. Consists of independent air column chambers with one way air valve. All air chambers are inflated at the same time in seconds If any one of chamber breaks or leaks air, it will not effect other chambers, ensuring packed goods are protected

Environmental Friendly

Made of PE & PA film materials
Non-toxic, no heavy metal after burning
RoHS compliant
Resistant to high abrasion.
100% recyclable & reusable.
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Space Saving

Air bag consist of 99% air & 1% plastic. It is flat before inflating, can save space & storage cost. Reduce freight/shipping costs.More Link

Superior Protection

Air bag packaging offers maximum protection. The unique ability to conform to the shape of the packaged object prevents any possible damage caused by movement during transportationMore Link


Environmentally friendly Warehouse space Savings Packing & transport cost Savings Superior protection ConvenienceMore Link


Comparison of Packaging Materials

Packing Materials

Air bag

Pulp Mold



Totally flat before inflate



Storage space

Saving Space

Smaller storage Space

Huge storage space

Humidity Resistance

Humidity resistance
water proof

No humidity resistance

Shock Protection

Product is totally
covered, Excellent
shock resistant

High damage ratio during delivery.

Environmental protection

Small size and easy
to recycle

Consume large

Amount of pulp

High recycle cost

Company Image

Beautiful appearance
enhancing company image

Only provide protection purpose

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