Coffee Bags

Coffee Bags

We also have the ability to produce high quality gravure printed custom coffee packaging in a range of different formats .


Coffee Exhaust Valve

Exhaust valve allows gas from within the bag to escape allowing you to package the coffee beans straight after roasting or grinding without the bag exploding. Also prevents any external air from coming back in

High Barrier Foil or Metallised materials ensures freshness

The packaging material structure has been designed to ensure extended shelf life for your coffee (either ground or whole bean) keeping it fresh at all times.

Gravure or Digital Printing possible

High quality 10 colour rotogravure OR 8 colour digital printing opens the door to all possibilities. Offering the highest quality in printing technologies available to the market.

Large Range of Packaging Formats to choose

Offering a wide range of coffee packaging solutions from Traditional film on reel, rewind or roll stock to pre-formed packaging in a number of different styles. From the regular Stand Up and Side Gusset pouches to the latest Stand Up Box Pouch there are many ways to differentiate your product from the others.

Re-Closable options maintain freshness after opening

Re-closable zip can be supplied in a variety of styles for pre-formed pouch, such as 'press-to-lock' zip, front tab pocket zip (powder-proof perfect for ground coffee), top slide zip and Velcro zip. For traditional Rewind, Film or Roll Stock, Peel and Seal Rewind(peelable sticker labels) is available. Covering all possibilities of re-closable flexible packaging

Premium Quality, Cost Effecting Packaging Solutions

Wide range of shapes, sizes, colours, materials and various options to choose from allowing you to differentiate your product while maximising shelf appearance.

Automated Packaging Solutions

In addition our Omniverse Automation and Machinery division has complimentary machinery such as coffee roasters, sealer's, filling and weighing and packaging equipment as well as full turn-key solutions specifically designed for the coffee industry. We have service technicians nation wide, along with a dedicated team of experts who are able to maintain and service your equipment with Rapid, Respond and Restore if any packaging related issues occur. Have a problem with your Packaging Machine? or your Packaging Materials? Contact us now for assistance.

Project Data
PRODUCTCoffe Beans, Ground Coffee Powder
PACKAGING STYLE  Film-RewindStand Up PouchBox PouchSide Gusset Bags
MATERIAL High Barrier Foil (AL) or Metalised (VMPET)
OPTIONS Degassing Valve, Tin-Tie  Digitally Printed
Coffee Bags
Easy TearPress Lock ZipSlider ZipPocket Tab Zip
WEIGHT 28g-15kg*
* Packaging Style Dependant
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