Metal Tin Box Containers and Lids

Metal Tin Boxes, Containers and Lids

Offering customised premium metal containers, tins, cans of any size shape or particular material


Wide range to suit all markets

Wide range of finishes available to suit wide range of applications such as coffee, tea, biscuit tins etc

Gift With Purchase

Due to durable robust re-usable construction compliments Gift With Purchase (GWP) solutions

Guaranteed to Maximise Freshness and Shelf Life Stability

Offering the highest protective barrier, Metal Tin, ensures packaged product remains fresh and stays fresh after opening

Environmentally Friendly

Tin containers 100% recyclable.

Premium Quality with Wide Range of Options

Available in a range of shapes and sizes (round, rectangular, square as well as custom shapes moulded shapes) and additional options, hinged lid, clear plastic window/lids , carry handle, utensil (spoon, fork, knife) holder. This allows you to differentiate your product while maximising shelf appearance

Project Data
PRODUCTCustom Premium Rigid Tin Container and Lid
MATERIALGalvanized Iron, Silver Metal Tin-plate
OPTIONSFull Colour CMYK/Pantone Offset Print, Emboss, Texture, Hinged Lid, Clear Plastic Window (or Lids), Carry Handle, Utensil Holder (spoon, fork, knife) 
SIZEVarious Shapes and Sizes available 
FEATURESGift With Purchase GWP, reuseable, durable, robust strong, high barrier.
MARKETSFood, Snacks, Confectionary, Processed Foods, Frozen Foods, Cereal, Coffee, Bakery, Dairy, Food Ingredients, Personal Care, Pasta, Meat, Agriculture, Industrial, Pet/Stock Feed, Small Goods, Dry Goods, Cleaning Products, Cosmetics.

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