Microwave Stand Up Pouch

Microwave Safe
Stand Up Pouches

Omniverse Packaging’s range of microwave safe, laminated film technology, allows for instant, quick, easy and convenient in-pack heating from the freezer to microwave oven



Re-Closable Zip options maintain freshness after opening while being easy to use

Various zip styles can be supplied for the Stand Up Pouch, such as 'press-to-lock' zip, front tab pocket zip (powder-proof perfect for ground coffee), top slide zip and Velcro zip.

Offering SiOx or AlOx Multi-Laminated Materials

Use of option aSiox and Alox PET modified multi-laminated materials allow packaged product to endure retort processing and offer high barrier qualities allowing for pro-longed shelf life. Materials are specifically engineered to withstand freezing to higher, cook-in-packaging temperatures The packaging material structure has been designed to endure retort processing ensures contents is kept contaminant free.

RotoGravure Printing ensures the Highest Print Quality is achieved

Utilising up to 10 colour gravure printed packaging offering the highest quality in flexible packaging printing technologies available to the market.

Premium, Convenient, Cost Effecting Packaging Solutions

Certain retort processed products can be conveniently stored without refrigeration while remaining shelf stable. Customers can then conveniently cook product via conventional Microwave Oven. Also a wide range of shapes, sizes, colours, materials and various options to choose from allowing you to differentiate your product while maximising shelf appearance

Automated Packaging Solutions

In addition our Omniverse Automation and Machinery division has complimentary machinery such as sealer's, filling and weighing equipment as well as full turn-key solutions to cater for any industry. We have service technicians nation wide, along with a dedicated team of experts who are able to maintain and service your equipment with Rapid, Respond and Restore if any packaging related issues occur. Have a problem with your Packaging Machine? or your Packaging Materials? Contact us now for assistance.

Project Data
PRODUCTSolids, Granule, Powder, LiquidStand Up Pouch Spout PouchBox Pouch Flat Pouch
MATERIALGloss/Matt BOPP-CPP-PET, Siox and Alox PET,  VMPET, VMBOPP, Al foil, Nylon, PVDC Coated Films, Kraft Paper, EVOH, Suryln
OPTIONSGloss/Matt Finish, Press lock Zipper
MARKETSFood, Snacks, Confectionary, Processed Foods, Frozen Foods, Beverages, Cereal, Coffee, Bakery, Dairy, Food Ingredients, Personal Care, Pasta, Meat, Soups/Sauces, Agriculture, Industrial, Pet/Stock Feed, Small Goods, Dry Goods, Cleaning Products, Cosmetics.

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