Pocket Tab Zip

Pocket Tab Re-close Zipper

Introducing The Pocket Tab Re-closable Press Lock Zip.


Easy to Open

The "dog-bone" tab allows for convenient, quick and easy opening. Simply just pull back the tab while holding the edge of the package without the fuss of tearing the package open,

Press-Lock Zipper

Once the tab has been fully pulled across the package, a press-lock zip is exposed to allows for Re-closing ensuring your product stays fresh in between use.

Powder Proof Perfection

Popular with ground coffee, the zip remains closed during filling, sealing and distribution of the product. This is especially good with powdery type products that have a tendency to jam in between the traditional press-lock zip, rendering them useless.

Perfect for Coffee, Ground or Bean

Coffee valves can be used together with the Pocket Tab Zip to allow for gas to escape if coffee is packaged shortly after roasting.

Various Pouch Styles available

Popular with the Side Gusset Box Pouch, the Pocket Tab Zip is also available on our regular Stand Up Pouch range.

Compatible with existing pouch packaging machinery

The Pocket Tab Zip can be offered with either a terminated or un-terminated top in side gusset Box Pouch formats. This allows the All New Box Pouch to be used with traditional Stand Up Pouch packaging machinery.

Premium Quality, Cost Effecting Packaging Solutions

Wide range of shapes, sizes, colours, materials and various options to choose from allowing you to differentiate your product while maximising shelf appearance

Project Data
PRODUCTLiquid, Powder, Granule


Stand Up PouchBox PouchCoffee BagsFlat Pouch
MATERIALGloss/Matt BOPP-CPP-PET, Siox and Alox PET,LLDPE, LDPE, VMPET, VMBOPP, Al foil, Nylon, PVDC Coated Films, Kraft Paper, EVOH, Suryln
OPTIONSGloss/Matt Finish, Clear Window, Coffee Valve, Carry Handle Options, Spout, Retort, Custom Shapes
MARKETSFood, Confectionery, Beverages, Cereal, Coffee, Dairy, Food Ingredients, Personal Care, Pasta, Meat, Soups/Sauces, Agriculture, Industrial, Pet/Stock Feed, Small Goods

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