Retort Pouches

Retort Pouches

Omniverse Packaging offers high performing Retort Pouches maximise shelf life and on-shelf appearance while maintaining product freshness, taste and aroma. Retort Pouches provide the perfect solution for aseptic food packaging requirements. Our strong sealed custom made retort pouches are especially designed to withstand the high heat and pressure requirements used to cook food products. Using only five percent of the packaging material compared to the conventional cans allowing the Retort Pouch the ability to be sterilised at lower temperatures in less time. Retort packaging enables less bulky packaging compared to traditional cans and jars allowing food to be efficiently cooked quickly while providing excellent palatability for your customer.

Quality of food products maintain their full-flavour and texture without destroying vital nutrients.

Benefits from Flexible Retort Packaging

Retort Processed Products

During Retort process, any contaminates are killed off within the hermetically sealed package.

Excellent barrier properties

Foil or Metallized, SiOx or AlOx type materials offer excellent barrier properties providing additional shelf life stability, without the need for refrigeration.

In-pack cooking-Microwavable

Product can be taken straight from shelf to Microwave Oven for instant heat and eat comfort.

Reduced packaging weight and space

Box Shape design maximises Shelf Space Cost benefits during freight, Improved Package-to-Product ratio

Quick and Easy to Open, Pack and Seal

Consumer friendly packaging. Convenient and resealable options ensure product remains fresh .

Premium quality Gravure print finish

Photographic Reproduction, Up to 10 Process Colour

Various Pouch styles and options

Stand Up Pouches, Side Gusset Bags, Box Pouches, Flat Pouches, and Spout Pouches with carry handle, Clear Window options

Automated Packaging Solutions

In addition our Omniverse Automation and Machinery division has complimentary machinery such as Mini-Doy Packers, Rotary Packers, sealer's, filling and weighing equipment as well as full turn-key solutions to cater for any industry. We have service technicians nation wide, along with a dedicated team of experts who are able to maintain and service your equipment with Rapid, Respond and Restore if any packaging related issues occur. Have a problem with your Packaging Machine? or your Packaging Materials? Contact us now for assistance.

Project Data
PRODUCTSolids, Granule, Powder, Liquid
PACKAGING STYLEStand Up PouchFlat Pouch
MATERIALGloss/Matt BOPP-CPP-PET, Siox and Alox PET, LLDPE, LDPE, VMPET, VMBOPP, Al foil, Nylon, PVDC Coated Films, Kraft Paper, EVOH, Suryln
OPTIONSGloss/Matt Finish, Clear Window, Valve,
Easy Tear Spout and Cap
Slider ZipPocket Tab Zip
MARKETSFood, Snacks, Confectionary, Processed Foods, Frozen Foods, Beverages, Cereal, Coffee, Bakery, Dairy, Food Ingredients, Personal Care, Pasta, Meat, Soups/Sauces, Agriculture, Industrial, Pet/Stock Feed, Small Goods, Dry Goods, Cleaning Products, Cosmetics.

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